Car Hire Menorca Playas de Fornells


Playas de Fornells is a rather exclusive resort which is close to the fishing village of Fornells. It is around 30km to the north west of Mahon and the international airport, and is located on the northern coast of Menorca.

This resort is quite modern and only recently developed which is why it is not often part of holiday packages, and visited by independent travellers. However, it is possible to book a taxi or hire a car either from the arrivals hall, or it is also possible to pre-book on the internet which is the more advisable option.

Upon reaching your accommodation, it is possible to use the public transport system for travelling back to Mahon for the purpose of shopping or visiting the many attractions of the capital city. A bus service is operated between these two areas, and timetables can be found on the bus stands or on the internet, although the former are more up-to-date and reliable.

The resort is in fact located on the hillside of a little peninsula, which looks over the Cala Tirant bay, called Tirant Playa by the locals. The fishing village is towards the east of this establishment and faces the Bay of Fornells. This bay is somewhat in the shape of a bottle. It is highly recommended for water sports such as windsurfing and sailing owing to the speed and direction of the wind in this area. Leisure craft and fishing boats will also find the waters very suitable for their respective activities.

Because of the many British tourists that visit the resort every summer, UK branded items can easily be found in small supermarkets although they are relatively expensive. Other items such as local craftwork and designer label stores can be found in Mahon and Ciutadella.

The highest part of the island of Mount Toro can be seen from the resort as can the Sanctuary of the Mare de Deu del Toro which dates as far back as the 17th century and is definitely a site to discover.

Evening entertainment tends to revolve around hotel based activities although some socialising takes place in a few of the bars along the resort which are often lively in the summer months.